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It's been a while, and it's been a frustrating while.
You see, the second half of the book hasn't truly come together yet; I feel that there is something missing from this all (despite it being 254,000 words already), and I think I've found the final pivotal piece of the puzzle.

Yes, you there in the back? A question? No, I'm not telling you what it is! :-P You can read the book when it comes out like everyone else! Sheesh....curious people... ^^

Doubtless, this...reforming of the second half will alter things; the word count will probably slim down, which will make me feel less like I'm just writing for the hell of writing, which I didn't think I was!!! Some authors make that mistake; I hope I'm not.

I guess I'll be burning the midnight oil from now on, should the Muse permit me to do so.


I don't know if this revelation will help or hinder me, but it's actually the first solid breakthrough I've had for like, two months, so I'll go with it!

It may also completely alter the shape of my characters and their lives- not to sound morbid, because I'm not G.R.R. Martin, but this might not have a beautiful fairytale ending after all. But it all depends on what my characters have to say abut it...

BOOK: Weeeeelllll...I think I've got a new timeline to establish, to be honest.

RESEARCH: I have full access to libraries currently, so if anything pops up, I'll look it up! ^^ I bought a book called Greatest Land Battles, completely skipped the Hundred Years' War.
Whassmatta- the Battle of the Herrings isn't good enough for a book?!

KNITTING: After two months' of nonsense and footling round with yellow wool...I've decided on garter stitch. It was rather a matter of shape, and I am still learning, after all.


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Brittany Wouters
Currently working on my debut ebook- stay tuned!!

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